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Finding the right students for your online programs

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Engaging from inquiry to first class and all points in between

Engagement & Retention

Providing an early-alert solution that really works

Workforce Development

Offering a unique set of employee development tools, skill assessments, online courses, and degree-based training

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Recruiting Services

Increase interest and enrollments in your online programs through enhanced listings on,  our flagship online education directory.  You’ll reach millions of adults looking for online degree and certificate programs. Find plans for every budget starting at $399 a month, which includes our inquiry and marketing management solution allowing you to manage inquiries from our site and yours; showcase your programs today!


Student Engagement and Enrollment

Ensure best practices are implemented from inquiry through the first day of class with our revolutionary and patent pending solution. Each step and process is streamlined into a student-centric mobile platform.  Save time and money while eliminating the need to work with tuition-share marketing and enrollment providers! No long-term contracts and pricing plans everyone can afford.


Early Alert Retention Solutions

With Perdia Education, you can identify risk factor indicators before they become large problems while providing the help students need, keeping them engaged and enrolled with your institution. Perdia includes a convenient early-alert retention solution that can be accessed by administrators, professors and students.  Our technology allows easy implementation and places real-time data at your fingertips. While others make promises, our solution delivers!


Corporate Education Solutions

We provide the tools your business needs to run a successful employee-assessment and development program.  Employees are able to use your own password-protected online education portal with thousands of online courses, degrees and skills assessment tests available.  With an administration panel, one person can easily manage the entire system. Learn more today!

Online Student Recruitment and Marketing

Enhance your listing for maximum visibility at, the leading directory of online education opportunities.  With millions of annual visitors, we have been serving students and institutions since 1998. Listing, click and inquiry-based plans are available for any budget. Our specialty is helping non-profit state and private schools, but we are equipped to serve any institution.

Actvas is a marketing management technology tool designed to accurately track student inquiries from your website and through every step of the enrollment process. Institutions use detailed information captured in Actvas to spot trends while comparing different marketing activities across a spectrum of metrics.  Click here for more information.

Student Engagement and Enrollment Solutions

In today’s post-secondary online competitive landscape, being able to immediately react to and engage a prospective student inquiry is critical for your institution as well as for the student!

Our simple plug-and-play solution captivates students in your processes — from the point of inquiry through the first day of class.  Multiple communication channels reach your students 24/7, providing each with consistent and accurate enrollment best practices.  Best of all, our solution has been established to allow you to easily stay on budget while increasing your conversion rates, with NO long-term contract.

There are currently three methods of enrollment management in the marketplace

  • Growing your own call-center-based advising team and going “big” by emulating many of the processes pioneered by the for-profits
  • Working with an “OPM” or “enabler” to outsource your marketing and enrollment management
  • Attempting to create a home grown system using various assets within the university.

Perdia Education provides an alternative to these methods. You gain an end-to-end enrollment-management solution, billed on a cost-per-start basis at a rate drastically lower than other companies offering EM services.

Our solution is completely scalable, meaning the smallest or largest schools may use it effectively.

We are confident that you’ll be happy with the service and will choose Perdia for years to come. You have interested students already visiting your website; turn these visits into enrollments by taking advantage of our experience, knowledge, and turn-key solution.  Click here for more information.

Early Alert Retention Solutions

Student success is becoming more important to colleges and universities at all levels, including community colleges. Our early-alert retention solution puts years of knowledge and best practices at your fingertips. By utilizing our technical system, professors, administrators, and students can react to potential problems, taking corrective actions before they lead to a student withdrawal.

Similar systems are ineffective simply because they’re hard to use. Our experience, technology, and model ensure that the system is adopted and used; the most critical issue facing most early-alert systems.  For more information please click here.

Corporate Workforce Development

The Future of Employee Training and Development. Customizable platform and online training content for employee assessment, development and education – and much more. The Corporate Education Solutions group, a part of Perdia Education, was created to help employers easily educate, train, assess, and develop their workforce.

Business partners receive their own customizable education, training, and assessment portal.  Within this portal your employees will have access to a variety of information including:

  • 18,000 online degree programs offered by over 1,200 U.S. colleges and universities
  • 3,000 online professional-development and compliance training courses
  • Over 400 job and skill-based assessment tests

The portal allows the inclusion of information such as policies and procedures, training guidelines, helpful links to other resources (both internally or externally), and other learning aids, including PDFs and PowerPoint presentations. You can even build job-based learning pathways!

We provide a variety of related solutions, including online training development, a Learning Management System, and employee career coaching. By integrating all these features into an easy-to-implement solution, your employees are provided with all the necessary tools to increase their skills. Contact us today and see how we can help your business.