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The Change Leader


Perdia Education prides itself with fast movement within an otherwise slow to respond industry.  We know that education must evolve to meet the needs of students now and in the future.  Our products and services help institutions make the transition to the future easier while helping students get more of what they need, when they need it.

We find like-minded professionals energetic and empowering and thus we’ve partnered with Dr. Drumm McNaughton and The Change Leader, Inc.  Our outlook on the future of higher education and the hurdles that colleges and universities face today is aligned perfectly with Dr. McNaughton’s views and the work The Change Leader, Inc. does to help schools understand how to change, then helps them along the pathway to ultimate success.  We’re please to partner with Dr. Naughton and The Change Leader, Inc. and encourage our current and future clients to seek Dr. McNaughton’s help, advice, and guidance in these turbulent times.  Only through change can institutions continue to evolve into the vehicles we need to educate students for the next 50 years.

The Change Leader, Inc offers help in building a roadmap to success, ensures your institution is ready for change, and then helps implement the changes needed to get colleges across the finish line.

Dr. Drumm McNaughton is a renowned leader and pioneer in strategic management systems and leadership, and one of a select group with executive leadership experience in academe, nonprofits, government, and business.  Over the course of his career, Dr. McNaughton’s change initiatives and counsel has resulted in over $500 million in revenues for organizations.

Dr. McNaughton approaches institutional change holistically and his innovations in organizational development include a blend of vision and practicality necessary to establish essential cross-functional partnerships, teambuilding, and cohesion.

He has a reputation for excellence and high performance and has been named Chair Emeritus and a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants USA (FIMC), and a Governance Fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Dr. McNaughton holds a PhD and an MA in Human & Organizational Systems from the Fielding Graduate Institute, and a BS in Physics from the US Naval Academy.