Prospective online students expect to have the information they need in the palm of their hands — and that means, on their phones. Attracting these students, however, requires more than just engaging with them across numerous mobile and digital touchpoints. Higher education enrollment management leaders need to connect with them through communication, processes, and information tailored to the student’s needs, at a time and place conducive to the students.

That’s where Perdia Education’s Emma™ fits in. Emma is the first and only comprehensive mobile enrollment advising solution that meets the strategic enrollment needs of institutions seeking to grow online programs by attracting, retaining, and graduating more adult learners.

Here’s how Emma’s mobile enrollment solutions can help you manage the four biggest college enrollment challenges:

  • You need tailored mobile content for today’s online students delivered throughout the higher education enrollment journey.
    Online enrollment procedures must meet the needs of a diverse demographic pool. Traditional new student enrollment procedures too often fail to reflect the unique needs of these adult learners. According to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 40% of today’s students are adults 25 years or older. Of those students, 62% of them are working part-time or full-time jobs and 28% of them also have children at home. The demands upon the time and attention of these students are far different from those of the traditional student, fresh out of high school, and online enrollment management strategies therefore need to be uniquely customized for this demographic audience.
  • You need an enrollment mobile app that is specifically designed to address the requirements of online student acquisition.
    CRMs, student information systems, and learning management systems are built to solve traditional recruitment and enrollment needs. They are not built to address the requirements of online student acquisition or to deliver the integrations and analytics required in online higher education enrollment.
  • You need turnkey, low impact and seamless integration with your institution’s existing strategic enrollment technology. Emma provides performance-based recruiting, enrollment and admissions services on a short-term contract model. With Emma, universities do not have to outsource their enrollment management services, which can result in the loss of control and transparency for institutions and higher costs for students. Emma is white-labeled for colleges and universities and functions as a dynamic, user-friendly and 24/7 mobile enrollment platform.
  • You need strategic enrollment support when advisors go home, providing students with the information that they need 24/7, 365 days a year.
    Institutions remain challenged by the need to optimize staff. Colleges and universities must work to scale their existing personnel to handle the new dynamics, needs and hurdles that arise with online enrollment. Emma is designed to serve as a professional tool for advisors, allowing them to optimize their time, expand their services and grow value for themselves and the institution.

Students considering 100% online undergraduate enrollment have different wants or needs from traditional students. Priorities have changed. Recognizing and embracing these changes will become the foundational cornerstone to preparing your institution to grow its online student enrollment.