How to Increase Student Enrollment with Strategic Enrollment Management Tools

College enrollment in traditional institutions took a significant hit over the past year and student enrollment is soaring for educational institutions offering 100% online degrees, credentials and coursework. Colleges and universities can benefit from this surge in interest in online classes to grow their undergraduate enrollment with strategic enrollment management services. Mobile enrollment is an excellent place to start, mobile enrollment is new and dynamic. Mobile enrollment meets students where they live — on their phones.

Recent survey results from Strada Center for Consumer Insights illustrate opportunities in higher education enrollment management today. The survey found that 42% of Americans would prefer an online education or training program if they were to enroll in postsecondary education in the next six months. 

Those aged 25-49, which is the prime market for adult learning, had the most favorable perception of online education. Additionally, the survey found that the preference for online or hybrid options would remain strong even if COVID-19 weren’t a threat:

  • 31% of respondents said they would prefer a hybrid option 
  • 28% stated a preference for online-only coursework

Competition in Online Enrollment is Mounting

The competition among universities and colleges for student enrollments is growing. 

Institutions seeking to achieve sustained growth need to consider adding attractive online degree options, coupled with admission processes tailored to the online learner. 

Today, over 1,500 degree-granting institutions in the U.S. offer online programs, and the number of online programs (associate through doctorate) totals more than 26,200. This means that if your institution is planning to launch new online programs, your largest university enrollment challenge will be to attract and enroll students within a crowded field of competitors.

Mobile Engagement is Key to Meeting Your Biggest College Enrollment Challenges

Mobile engagement is a — if not the — top factor for success across multiple industries today, and leaders in higher education enrollment need to pay attention to this reality.
Consider a few facts:

  • American adults spent about 3.5 hours a day using the mobile internet in 2019, and experts expect that time to grow to over 4 hours a day in 2021
  • Americans check their phones 96 times a day or once every 10 minutes
  • 85% of smartphone users prefer mobile messages to phone calls or email messages

The data tells us that the number of Americans making important decisions on their phones is growing exponentially. It’s clear from these trends that connecting with students on their phones is a must-have solution to grow your college enrollment. 

Enrollment Mobile Apps Are Crucial for Strategic Enrollment Management

Universities and colleges seeking to meet student interest in online higher education programs should therefore include mobile enrollment management in their strategic plans. In fact, the future of higher education enrollment may well depend on meeting students where they live — on their phones. And that’s why more institutions are turning to Emma™, Perdia Education’s powerful mobile enrollment advising app. 

This first-to-market technology guides prospective students with an online enrollment pathway that includes interviews, educational history and qualification matches to degree requirements. With Perdia’s strategic enrollment management technology, institutions can provide students with undergraduate enrollment advice and assistance throughout the entire admissions and enrollment process. 

Highly tailored to each institution and personalized for each user experience, Emma is the customized solution to higher education’s greatest challenge: how to increase college enrollment in today’s — and tomorrow’s — online environment.

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