Learn How AI-Powered Mobile Enrollment Management 
Can Increase Online Student Enrollment

Higher education is at a crossroads. On-ground student enrollments are at an all-time low, and the demand for online degree programs is accelerating.

To offset declining campus enrollment numbers and to effectively meet student needs, institutions must adapt – and digitally transform with mobile enrollment management powered by AI technology and behavior science. This white paper explores how institutions can embrace digital transformation, engage students through mobile student enrollment solutions and attract prospective online students while giving them personalized information 24/7, 365 days a year.

Download our free white paper, “Mobile Enrollment Management: A Higher Education Digital Transformation” and receive an invite for a free webinar on how your institution can grow online student enrollments by leveraging mobile and AI technology:

After downloading our free white paper on mobile enrollment management, 
we’ll invite you to a webinar that will cover:

How to Meet Students Where They Are

Mobile enrollment management delivers the right communications and engagement at precisely the right time and in the right way. EMMA™ was designed to enhance and complement traditional enrollment processes with revolutionary mobile innovations that combine new tools and modalities with the communication preferences of today’s online student.

How to Engage Prospective Students with Behavioral Science and AI Technology

EMMA™ recognizes the uniqueness of every prospective student and delivers tailored content throughout the student enrollment journey, from program discovery and the admissions interview to document collection and post-applicant nurturing and student-start coaching.

How to Seamlessly Integrate Mobile Enrollment Technology With Existing Infrastructure

White-labeled for colleges and universities, EMMA™ is designed to be a turnkey, low impact integration with existing enrollment software and technology across Inquiry Management, Student Relationship Management, Application Management, Student Start Coaching and Retention/Early Alert.

About the Panelists

Patti Franz | VP of of Student Engagement and Enrollment Services at 
Perdia Education

Patti has 20 years of experience implementing the nation’s most successful online education programs. She will speak to the many benefits of using mobile enrollment management to increase inquiry-to-enrollment ratios, reduce overhead costs and boost student retention.

Tony Huffman | President and Founder of Perdia Education

Tony has over 20 years of experience in the online education industry and founded Perdia Education to provide better solutions for students and universities. He will explain why mobile enrollment management is the future of online higher education enrollment and ways institutions can leverage new technologies like EMMA™ to attract, enroll and retain students.

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