Perdia Education Announces 2020 Study of Mobile Impact on Lead to Enrollment

Analysis of 60+ schools reveals value of AI-powered mobile enrollment advising app

Monterey, VA. May 25, 2021 — William Carey University (WCU), a small, regional university with just four enrollment periods a year, is outperforming industry leaders in lead to enrollment by 26% with the help of mobile enrollment advising, according to a study of more than 60 higher education institutions.

Perdia Education’s 2020 Study of Mobile Impact on Lead to Enrollment leverages data from universities that recruit students through, a free online education directory. The study evaluated the effectiveness of using mobile as compared to traditional methods of admissions and enrollment based on lead to enrollment metrics.

The outcome showed that by utilizing mobile enrollment technology, William Carey University outperformed the leading institution using traditional tactics that also benefits from national brand awareness, rolling starts and a low cost-per-credit hour. WCU differs in every category as a private university with only three starts per year, a higher cost-per-credit hour and significantly lower brand awareness outside of its region.

“Despite its spectrum of natural disadvantages, WCU is beating the test university that is exceeding all other institutions on lead-to-start ratios,” said Tony Huffman, CEO of Perdia Education. “What seems to be making the difference is their implementation of a student-centric admissions and enrollment strategy that focuses on the preferred means of communication for today’s online student – their mobile phones.”

WCU has tapped Emma™, the mobile enrollment advising app that guides students from initial inquiry to the first day of class and beyond. Emma equips prospective online students with constant access to information they need along their enrollment journeys and leverages AI and behavioral science to personalize each pathway experience.

Emma integrates with existing technological infrastructures and is offered via license on a flexible, short-term contract model. The platform has low-impact tech integration requirements and is white-labeled for colleges and universities.

Learn how Emma can transform your admissions and enrollment practices to a mobile medium:


Perdia Education’s 2020 Study of Mobile Impact on Lead to Enrollment analyzed a year’s worth of advertising to achieve a statistically significant sample size and to account for variations in seasonality. This led to a sample size of more than 5,000 combined student inquiries in the study’s test and control.

About Perdia Education

Perdia Education is dedicated to helping institutions grow online student enrollments with performance-based recruiting, enrollment and retention solutions. Perdia promotes institutions on, the most comprehensive directory of online degrees in the U.S. with over 20,000 programs and nearly 500,000 visitors per month seeking to enroll. Perdia is also home to Emma™, the first and only, patent-pending, mobile enrollment management platform that seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructures for a new 24/7 online student recruitment, admissions, enrollment, and retention solution. Leveraging both innovative services, Perdia offers a unique non-exclusive Bundled Solution that combines the cutting-edge technology of Emma with to attract, enroll and retain best-fit students. This solution offers full transparency to institutions and works in concert with each institution’s own marketing practices.

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