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The Online Directory, launched in 1998, is the leading online program directory and is the largest and most comprehensive directory of online education programs in the United States. Our goal is to compile and publish detailed information on every online program with navigation tools that allow users to find the best school and programs for their needs.

Millions of prospective students visit the website annually in their quest to find the right online degree. Visitors find us exclusively through search engines ensuring that prospective students are of the highest quality.

The Most Qualified Students

Our services play a critical role for both students and universities. Students leverage our leading directory of online programs to identify programs that meet their learning needs. Universities benefit from promoting their brand and online programs in one of the most respected and longest tenured directories on the Internet.

Additional tools are available to help universities track and manage their marketing creating better visibility into cross-channel performance. Our suite of services includes powerful reporting to identify opportunities and lower marketing and enrollment costs.

Marketing Management Solutions with Actvas

Our Actvas platform provides a suite of marketing and analytics solutions to help universities track marketing and advertising programs. A great solution for almost any school, we service the smallest college using internally generated advertising to the largest online programs utilizing various sources of internal and external advertising channels.

Filling a critical role immediately following a student’s first inquiry, our technology is a reporting and marketing overlay to your current CRM providing much greater detail on marketing performance. Analyze your imputed cost per inquiry, contact, application or enrollment by source to find pockets of efficiency while cutting back on poor-performing channels. Our system provides CRM-lite features such as automated emails that can be triggered upon initial inquiry to provide immediate information to prospective students – something that research has proven helps increase enrollment yield.

Our solution may be licensed for free with any advertising plan on which includes all marketing from our website and any direct marketing performed by the university. Opening the system to handle external marketing is fee based and plans start at .20 cents per inquiry stored in Actvas.

Testimonials & Press consistently ranks among the top 3 referral sites for enrollments in the Georgia Web online MBA program, rivaling US News and Business Week.

University System of Georgia

We have had such a great success with our marketing with Not only is the price economical but we are truly getting a good return on our investment.

Oklahoma State University

Priceless: A Consumer’s Guide to Online Colleges:

Anya Kamenetz

Author of DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education

…for 20 years, the leading online advocate for online college students.

US News & World Report’s service is dependable and their customer service is fantastic. The website is a great way for us to inform prospective students about the variety of online degree programs that we offer and to let the students know where our programs stand in terms of quality, credibility and cost.

Fort Hays State University

We at UMass have always valued the website. We value the student referrals we receive from your site. The prospective students seem much more serious about receiving a quality education than those we receive from other portals.

University of Massachusetts - Lowell

Of all the books, websites, and too-good-to-be-true tutorials I’ve seen, Get Educated is the only reliable source of information for online degrees.

Kevin Kelly

Editor of Wired

Anyone who’s thinking of enrolling in an online degree…take a good look at


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