Skill Assessment Testing

Hundreds of skills and job based assessment tests you may use for employees or job applicants!

Assessment Tests are a great way of quickly identifying areas of strengths or weaknesses. They can be leveraged both internally with current employees, but also externally with job applicants. Our system allows skills assessments to be used in either case, quickly and inexpensively.

Within our admin interface, HR or Training Managers are able to quickly search and find assessments to meet their needs, then have an invitation sent to the employees or applicants in just a few clicks. From there everything happens online and the grades are ported back into the panel for reporting. Many organizations have been built offering only skill assessment testing. We believe it’s a valuable part of an overall solution for employee training, selection and development.

Businesses use skills assessment tests in a variety of ways, and their use is prevalent throughout many industries. Annually, hundreds of millions of skill assessment tests are used in the United States. Their use can typically be divided between two uses, as a pre-employment screening function and as a employee training aid.


Pre-employment screening

Ensuring that a new hire has the skills listed on their resume, and the skill set needed to be most effective in their position, skills and job based assessments are used to ensure candidates have the skills needed to succeed. Often these skills tests are administered early in the selection process as means to quickly weed out those that are unqualified for the role, the assessment testing used in this manor tend to be more generalized like Email Etiquette, Basic Math, or Typing Skills.

Conversely job based assessment tests are used more selectively and tend to be applied to the screening process as further along in the process, normally after first cuts have been made to the applicant base. Examples of these types of assessment tests include Medical Admissions Representative, Administrative Assistant, or Data Entry Operator.


Employee skills training

Many companies use skills assessment testing on their current workforce for a variety of reasons. Most companies prefer to promote from within which is faster and ensures that the candidate is already well versed in the business and its unique nuances. Often the employee is up for a promotion or a lateral move that requires a set of skills that may be different from those needed in their current position. The employee may or may not have the skills needed for the new role, and the skills test can be used to either help choose between the best internal candidates if several employees are under consideration or determine the educational needs of the chosen worker for their new role. In this way, the organization is able to quickly understand gaps in the workers skills set and address those weaknesses with training while not wasting time or money on something the employee already is well versed in.

In both cases above, skills assessment tests and job based testing are key features for ensuring the efficiency of the organization through workforce development and improvement.


The Skill Assessment Marketplace

There are many companies that offer skill assessment tests, and the prevailing business model is that a company may buy an assessment as needed but at a cost of $30-50. The companies offering these tests attempt to push businesses into buying assessment tests in bulk, up front, at volume pricing. The price per test drops dramatically the more tests are purchased up front.

There are several drawbacks to this business model, first, a business needs to upfront the cost of the tests which doesn’t align the expense with the use of the test and while your accounting team can help spread the cost through accrual, it’s adding an unnecessary amount of work to their plate. Second, you are paying for tests which you may never use – and they typically will expire after a period of time, normally a year from the time you sign up.

We believe that skill assessment testing can be offered to businesses differently, at a lower cost per test with a charge incurred only as you use the tests.

Our skills and job based assessment tests only lead to a fee if the test is sent to a candidate or employee and completed. No charge is incurred for tests sent but not taken, this way a business can be more liberal when sending out skills testing requests to job applicants and have a measure of security that only those who take and finish the test will result in a charge to the company.

Tests are available for $15 a-la-carte or as part of a catalog – contact us for pricing.

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