Simply stated, Perdia Education grows online student enrollments.

EMMA is a revolutionary, game changing way of enrolling online students!

This patent-pending, cutting-edge technology provides enrollment growth for online degree programs through student research, admission qualification, start coaching and more.

Proven and dynamic communication components within Emma provide increased interaction with prospective students.  Emma is where the students are on their timeframe and in their modality.

EMMA is the future of online education enrollment! EMMA is structured on a short-term contract model with low-impact technology integration.

The benefits are enormous. EMMA reaches consumers with your programs, processes, and guidelines 24/7. Students are able to access clear and concise information using the technology they want, when they want it. Driven by AI, EMMA recognizes the uniqueness of and delivers unprecedented approaches tailored to every user.

Unlike websites, call centers, or contact management systems, EMMA is a technological being operating on your behalf and streamlining several hands-on roles all while keeping the student first.

EMMA performs many critical roles:

  • Marketing medium analyzer
  • Communication expert
  • Personal educational assistant
  • Structured admission interviewer
  • Validator of fit-for-purpose
  • Document collector
  • Post-applicant nurturer
  • Student start coach
  • Early alert indicator
  • Data-driven consultant

Perdia Education is committed to ensuring its products are inclusive and meet the diverse accessibility needs of our users by striving for WCAG 2.1 AA and Section 508 conformance. View our latest Accessibility Conformance Report for the Emma Mobile Enrollment app.


EMMA is a research tool which helps students research degree programs, matching programs to potential academic goals. As a unique personal assistant, EMMA is tailored to guide each student through program discovery, the admissions interview, comparison of previous educational history to program requirements, document collection, post-applicant nurturing, and student start coaching. EMMA is your institution in the palm of a student’s hand from the moment they are looking at a school or program until they are enrolled with your institution.


EMMA is the link between you and your future students. This white labeled solution allows an institution to effectively promote online degree programs and ensure all information is accurately presented 100% of the time. More than presentation of information, EMMA gathers minute data points throughout the students’ journey, analyzing data in ways never before seen. These insights allow for intuitive and effective marketing, recruitment, and programmatic guidance. EMMA is a staffing solution, proving opportunities to optimize existing employee time effectively and expanding human capital without overhead investment.

Online Student Recruiting and Enrollment Solutions

Working to provide you enrolled students

No long term contracts, no prepayments of any kind, just pure performance based for enrolled and matriculated students

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