This Admission Year Could be Larger than Last: Is Your Mobile Enrollment Management Strategy Ready?

The 2021-22 admissions year could see much higher student enrollments for higher education institutions than in recent years, according to early
Common Application data through November 16, 2021.

  • 780,024 distinct applicants had applied to 853 returning members [colleges], an increase of 13% over 2019–20 (687,812). 
  • Application volume rose 22% from 2019–20 (2,534,127) to 2021–22 (3,089,107), following a slow start in 2020–21 (2,630,879).

The forecast is a hopeful change to the delayed and lower application activity that higher education institutions have experienced over the
last eight years. Since fall 2019,
undergraduate enrollment has fallen by 6.5%. However, despite the promising Common Application data,
the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center is still predicting enrollment declines. 

No matter what happens, colleges and universities can prepare for the demand and grow their undergraduate enrollment with strategic enrollment management services. By utilizing innovative mobile enrollment management tools, higher education institutions can meet students where they want to be met 24/7 — on their phones. 

Mobile Enrollment Management is the Future 

Students today want mobile enrollment advising that aligns with their needs and lifestyle — available any time, right in the palm of their hands — where and when it matters most. In fact, Americans check their phones 96 times per day and 85% of smartphone users prefer mobile messages to calls or emails when it comes to daily life activities. It’s clear that connecting with students on their phones can be a powerful solution for growing online higher education programs. To meet the communication preferences of today’s students, higher education leaders need to enhance traditional enrollment processes with mobile innovations. 

Enrollment Mobile Apps Cater to the Modern Student

Successfully attracting prospective students requires more than engaging with them across numerous mobile and digital touchpoints. It involves connecting with them through communication, processes and information tailored to their needs, at a time and place conducive to the prospective student. That’s what Emma™, Perdia’s first-to-market comprehensive mobile enrollment solution, provides. 

Driven by artificial intelligence, Emma is highly tailored to your institution and recognizes the uniqueness of each user to deliver a personalized, enhanced enrollment experience. When institutions leverage Emma, they provide a user-friendly mobile platform that functions as a 24/7 enrollment management services solution, guiding students from their initial inquiry to their first day of class—and beyond.

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